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Our friendly professional stylists use the latest techniques combined with Matrix products to enhance your hair experience..


Wash & blow dry or set from


Wash and cut  (wash only £5)


Wash/blow-dry  curls/straighten from


Cut, wash and blow dry or set from


Dry cut from


Re-style with wash & blow dry or set


Perms (inc wash/blow dry or set) from


Roots colour * (inc. wash & blow dry or set)


Colour * (full head) inc. wash & blow dry from


Hi-Lites T-section  * foils (inc. wash/blow dry) from


Foils half-head * (inc. wash/blow dry) from


Foils full head * inc wash/blow dry from


Foils T-section+ colour in between from


Foils half-head + colour in between from


Foils full head + colour in between from


Foil application plus roots in between

(add extra colours £5 each)


Ombre/Balayage effect from


Fringe trim from


Hair extensions

Price on consultation

Colour correction * from


Hair straightening

Price on consultation

Bridal hair

Price on consultation

Hair up special occasion *

Price on consultation

Mens cuts from


Under 16s cuts from


Child's cut (under 12 years)


Buzz cut


* Patch test required 48 hours before colour